Pet Photography

Pet photography like family photography, is something to cherish for a lifetime. Our pets weave their way into your hearts becoming a loved member of the family. Your pet is your best friend, your companion, your confidant.

Whether you love your dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, bird or snake, your memories will be captured forever when you have a Pet Photography shoot.

Where the shoot will take place

You have several options for your Pet Photography shoot. You may choose a natural bush shoot on our property. We have 5 acres of beautiful natural bush with tracks to race through, logs to clamber over and lots of trees to sniff (and whatever else they may do lol). I also have a photography studio on our property…great for more formal photos. If your shoot is to take place on my property, I only ask that you bring bags with you to clean up after them…just as you would when you take him/her out on any outing.

Does your dog love a particular park? Or, do they love the beach? I can capture your dog doing what they love best. Or, you may prefer that I visit your home for your shoot.

Memory Lane

These are the last photos of your beloved fur baby. That beloved best friend, your mate. For this photoshoot, I will come to you…unless you want to give him or her an outing.