Couples Photography

Couples photography is very personal. Some couples prefer a studio session while others prefer a more natural setting to capture their relaxed and loving relationship. Some couples book a mix of both.

If you choose to have your session in my studio, you have options on lighting, backdrops and poses. Your session is private and, if you wish, intimate. I also have a beautiful 1926 wine cart positioned at the front of the studio where couples and families often choose to have photos taken.

My studio is situated on my 5 acre natural bush property in Parkerville. You may opt to have a studio session or a natural shoot in the bush surrounds and maybe even a sunset shoot. Or you may like to choose both.


General tips for what to wear for your couples photoshoot

Working out what to wear on your shoot can be made easy if you start with you first. Once you are happy with your outfit, start on your partners.

Bring 2 or 3 different outfits.

Don’t try and match your clothing. You want the colours to compliment each other, not to blend. Check colour palettes online to make sure your colours will compliment each other and not clash.

Steer away from small intricate patterns…you want you and your partner to be the focus, not your clothing.

Remember to plan for the weather conditions. It’s all very well that you look great in that little black sleeveless dress but if you’re not comfortable it’ll show in your photos.

Don’t forget to think about your shoes. Consider also whether you will be walking around the bush for that natural setting. You don’t want to sink into the soil or scuff your lovely heels. It may be best to bring some everyday shoes to walk along the tracks, then change into your shoes.

Try your outfits on well in advance. If you are wearing a dress/skirt try sitting in front of a mirror. Is it going to make it difficult for you to sit comfortably and still be decent? If you are wearing pants/shorts, can you squat without them cutting into you? You need to be able to move around, so avoid skin tight clothing.

Don’t wear brilliant white! If you like lighter colours, try a soft cream or off-white instead.

Don’t forget accessories. Jewellery, scarves etc all help to add to the picture.

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